House  Sparrow

Passer domesticus

Description: 5-6 1/2" Male has black throat, white cheeks and chestnut nape; gray crown and rump, female and young are streaked dull brown above dingy white below, with pale eyebrow  Habitat: towns, cities, suburbs, farms, ranches. One of the most abundant birds in North America.
Nesting: 5-6 white eggs, lightly speckled with brown, in a loose mass of grass feathers, paper strips, string, and similar debris, placed in man-made or natural cavity Range: Resident throughout North America. 
Voice: shrill monotonous loud chirping Diet: insects, fruit, spiders; grass and forb seeds, blossoms. Young fed mostly insects
Notes: adapted well after introduction, possibly the most abundant North American species, large winter roosts in or near human dwellings or in dense evergreen trees, has differentiated geographically since introduction to North America; races now vary in color and body size in different parts of North America range.
When present in Oklahoma: abundant statewide year-round

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