Male Scissor-tailed Flycather with bug

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

tyrannus forficatus 

Description: 14" of which more than half is a very long and deeply-forked black and white tail, adult has bright salmon-pink sides and belly, head, upper-back and breast pale grayish white Habitat: Open and semi-open country, roadsides, chaparral, ranches. Often seen perched on utility wires or fences. 
Nesting: 5 creamy brown-spotted eggs in a bulky stick nest lined with soft materials placed in a solitary, isolated tree Range: breeds from eastern Colorado and Nebraska south to Texas and Louisiana, winters mostly south of border and southern Florida
Voice: a harsh kee-kee-kee-kee!, also chattering notes like that of Western Kingbird Diet: Almost entirely insects; few berries.
Notes: Spirited defender of territory against crows, hawks, etc. Gregarious in non-breeding season, Male performs acrobatic "sky dance" during courtship which even includes a few reverse summersaults in mid-air!
When present in Oklahoma: statewide during summer, south, southeast in winter months

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